UniMAP Vice Chancellor's Welcome Note



Welcome to Universiti Malaysia Perlis (UniMAP), MALAYSIA

They say entrepreneurship is not so much about making great ideas work. Rather, it is about making the ideas work AND benefit the community-at-large. I totally agree. And I think, in this world where salaried jobs are far from plentiful, and there is a huge need to fulfil a myriad of current living requirements, entrepreneurs are no doubt needed more than ever.

It is against this backdrop that the idea of organizing an entrepreneurship camp is born. When several university presidents met in China last year, entrepreneurship was one of the focus of discussion. It was agreed that an entrepreneurship camp that brings together students from many corners of Asia would be most beneficial. Apart from learning the ropes of being entrepreneurial, the networking opportunity that would present itself in a gathering of this kind would bring about monumental advantages. Before long, the program is put together, and now, here we are in this GESC congregation.

It is my hope that this gathering will do a good job honing entrepreneurial skills among students who hail from near and far. Prepare to bring home comprehensive trade ideas, far-reaching business goals, thorough marketing plans, and much, much more. Along the way, I am sure self-confidence and personal assurance will soar, while great friendships and illustrious memories will form.

While busy sharpening your entrepreneurial axe, do not forget to enjoy this beautiful little state of Perlis. We have attractions nearby that cater for food lovers, historical buffs and nature devotees. Bask in the laid-back and tranquil charm of the place, while work as hard as you can to reap all the benefits the program has to offer.  

I would like to end by thanking Datuk Prof Emeritus Dr Kamarudin Hussin, former Vice-Chancellor of UniMAP, for penning the idea behind GESC, and for supporting its inception until its realization today. GESC owes a great deal to you.

To all participants, have a great camp!

Thank you.


Prof. Dr. Zul Azhar Zahid Jamal

UniMAP Vice Chancellor

August, 2016